Have you ever thought about dressing in a very special and typical way of old times, in the Croatian vintage style? And take photos wearing those dresses and clothes from the last century? So you need to know more about this exclusive tour that takes place in Zagreb.

Vintage Tour in Zagreb: new original tour

Vintage Tour Zagreb | Zagreb Original Tours

Vintage Photo Souvenir is a studio where each person can travel back in time, and find themselves in a past time. Our studio isn't offering just a long-lasting memory in the shape of a photograph, but also a unique experience of spending the time together, having fun and taking the photo. This kind of event is a connection with some past times when having your picture taken was a special, important event for the whole family. There are currently around 20 costumes at your disposal from different historical periods, and of course, in various sizes. All of the costumes are adjustable so that you can wear them over your clothes. There isn't any need to take them off before putting your costume on.

The place is “totally aimed at those who want to travel in time, and see themselves in the past and how people dressed at that time. It is not just giving the customer a photo taken here, but offering a unique experience of spending time together doing the photos and poses, having fun and getting to know each one and their story.

It is like really connecting with the past when this moment of the photo was highly valued, because it is not like today when you can take millions of photos and see the result right away. There was a very special value in family photos, and that is what we seek to portray here in the studio ”.

The value will depend on the number of people in the photo. The photo is always printed in A4 format and, if the person wants, they can also send a copy by email. The best thing to do, to avoid unexpected surprises, is to make an appointment in advance so you don't have to wait your turn to have the photo taken.

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Classic Zagreb Tour + Old Photo Experience

Private tour price

  • 2 people
  • EUR 50,00 per person
  • 3-4 people
  • EUR 35,00 per person
  • 5-6 people
  • EUR 25,00 per person
  • 7+ people
  • On request

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